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RCA 83 mercury vapor rectifier tube

RCA 83 - mercury vapor rectifier tube
RCA 83 - mercury vapor rectifier tubeRCA 83 - mercury vapor rectifier tube
Price: From $37.00 to $54.00
Manufacturer: RCA

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This 83 is a full-wave mercury vapor rectifier tube. Most of the tubes we have in stock were made by RCA and labeled for other companies (Cunningham, Westinghouse, Hickok, etc).

The 83 rectifier tube is found in many vintage tube testers. In the most common Hickok tube tester circuits, an imbalance in the voltage drop across the diode sections in this results in an error in the Gm reading. For this reason, we offer 83 rectifier tubes that have identical voltage drops across each section. If getting the most accurate readings you can from your vintage tester is important to you, we recommend one of these “Hickok grade” 83 tubes.

See "product options" for current availability. Tube ships in a new white box.
This tube is sold individually. Photo is a sample from the lot.
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