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Sylvania 2A3 triode - matched quad

Sylvania 2A3 triode - matched quad
Price: $449.00
1 matched quad in stock
Item Number: 500
Manufacturer: Sylvania
The 1940s Sylvania 2A3 tubes in this precisely matched quad have black plates and bottom dish getters with lots of flashing. The green print on the bases has the early Sylvania leaf logo.
All four tubes test as new and are matched for both current draw (48.0, 48.0, 48.8, 50.5 mA) and transconductance (4880, 4910, 4950, 5000 Gm).
These tubes are sold as a matched quad. Photo is of the actual tubes.
TC Tubes specializes in precision testing and matching of vintage and new production vacuum tubes for guitar & bass players, audiophiles, and DIY tube audio enthusiasts. Our website features secure payment options and fast, convenient shipping around the world.

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