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6080 / 6AS7 / 5998 / 421A

Scroll down to view the 6080, 6AS7G, 5998, and 421A tubes we have in stock now. Although they were not originally intended for audio use, these dual triode power tubes have become popular with OTL amplifiers (such as the Bottlehead headphone amps and Atma-Sphere). In addition to our regular test process, the tubes listed here have been screened for excessive noise and microphonics in our OTL headphone amplifiers.

OTL Headphone Amps

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GE 6080
GE 6080 - black plates
Price: $29.00
GE 6080 - black plates
This 1960s GE 6080 dual triode power tube is a ruggedized 6AS7G tube type. It has black plates, dual D getters, and a metal collar base. Tube tests as new with low noise.
Vintage Svetlana
Vintage Svetlana "Winged C" 6AS7G / 6H13C
Price: $44.00
Vintage Svetlana "Winged C" 6AS7G / 6H13C
This vintage Svetlana "Winged C" 6H13C dual triode power tube is a Russian 6AS7G tube type popular in OTL and headphone amplifiers. It has black plates and dual bottom getters with lots of flashing. Tube tests as new with very low noise.
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