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Hickok TV-7/U Military Tube Tester

Hickok TV-7/U Military Tube Tester
Hickok TV-7/U Military Tube Tester
Price: $599.00
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Item Number: 147
Manufacturer: Hickok
The TV-7 series military tube testers can safely be considered one of the industry standards for testing vacuum tubes.

This tester is calibrated and tests tubes in basic agreement with our Amplitrex AT1000 testers. I already own a TV-7D/U so I don't need another TV-7 type tester. That's why it's for sale.

Cosmetically, the outer case has the typical wear and tear. The inner front panel is quite nice. I took the time to do some basic cleaning and even used a tooth pick and alcohol to clean out the letting on some of the words on the panel just to show what is possible if you should want to finish the job. For example, on the function switch, the word "SHORTS" on the left is brighter than the word "RANGES" on the right because I cleaned out those letters.

There are various designations for the TV-7 from TV-7/U through TV-7D/U. The differences between these various models are not significant. They all test most tubes in exactly the same way. I believe this is the earliest model, the TV-7/U. The name plate is missing but the meter is labeled for a TV-7/U. The most significant difference in all of the models is that the final model, the TV-7D/U added an additional Gm range of 60,000 and replaced some fixed resistors with a control for making calibration a bit easier. Otherwise, they are basically the same tester.

To my mind, the greatest advantage the TV-7 series testers have is support. The data for this tester is easy to find and there are even extensive spreadsheets for updated data and notes from users of this tester about what to expect from various tubes you might encounter. (I can email you a copy of this data if you buy this tester.)

The tube set-up data cards that are normally installed in the lid are included as are the other items in the pictures. However, I find the cards to be an annoyance when installed due to they way they interfere with the use of the tester. Plus they are difficult to flip through. So I have them removed from the lid and in a bag. You can either use them in or out of the tester or use the spreadsheet I mentioned above.

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