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We have chosen to carry James Audio output transformers because of their strong reputation, their roots in the Tango transformer world, and their reasonable prices. The most versatile output transformers for DIY single-ended amp projects are probably the JS-6112HS, JS-6113HS, and the JS-6123HS. These are very affordable transformers that are higher quality than what you can get in this price range from other manufacturers.

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James Transformers JS-6112HS - factory matched pairs
James Audio JS-6112HS Output Transformers - factory matched pair
Price: $149.00
James Audio JS-6112HS Output Transformers - factory matched pair
This factory matched pair of 70mA, 10W James Audio JS-6112HS power output transformers is recommended for single-ended tube amplifiers that use 2A3, 45, 71-A, 6V6, and 6BQ5 tube types.
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