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200V 1000pF K40Y-9 PIO capacitor pair - matched to 1% tolerance

200V 1000pF K40Y-9 PIO capacitor pair
Price: $7.00
unlimited matched pairs in stock
Item Number: K200-2
Manufacturer: Epsilon/OZR
K40Y-9 PIO CapacitorsThe vintage Russian K40Y-9 capacitors in this precisely matched pair are high quality PIO (Paper in Oil) types made for the Soviet military. They have glass-sealed aluminum foil conductors and oil saturated paper dielectrics in a metal bodies--similar in construction and performance to the more expensive Sprague Vitamin Q capacitors. Great for improving guitar tone or for use in high-end audio applications.

These capacitors are unused, straight from the factory packaging. They have been checked on two capacitance testers and then run in a custom fixture to check for leakage at full rated voltage. They are matched within 1% of each other and within 1% of the rated capacitance.
Dimensions (each): length = 18mm
| diameter = 5mm

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