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RCA 12AT7 - gray plates

RCA 12AT7 - gray plates
Price: $44.00
1 in stock
Item Number: 108
Manufacturer: RCA
This 1960s RCA 12AT7 tube has gray wing style plates and and a halo getter with copper post. The red print on the glass has the RCA logo.
Tube tests as new with low noise. It ships in its original box with test results for current draw (mA) and transconductance (Gm).
This tube is sold individually. Photo is a sample from the lot.

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RCA 12AT7 - gray plates, matched pair
RCA 12AT7 - gray plates, matched pair
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RCA 12AT7 - gray plates, matched pair
The 1960s RCA 12AT7 tubes in this precisely matched pair have gray wing plates and halo getters. The red labels have the RCA logo. Both tubes test as new with very low noise.
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